fresh sheets

revitalizing room spray

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prepared to be transported to a sun-drenched spring breeze where freshly-laundered linens are wafting in the air! an aroma of blue freesia, clean cypress, and aquatic musk gives a light and refreshing scent. erffortlessly give any area of your home a misty scent, from bedsheets to couches, that will make sure it always smells so delightful!

mood benefit: uplifting, stress relief, anti-anxiety.

shake the bottle before each use. release 6-8 pumps into the air. dispense more in large areas. hold bottle upright and mist from a height above your head.

do not mist directly onto your face or body. our sprays are water-based, they may not be safe for leather products. we recommend testing on an inconspicuous part of any textile first.

full ingredient list: distilled water, functional fragrance oil, organic and wildcrafted witch hazel

scent notes:

top: sea salt, freshly washed linens, cotton blossom
middle: crushed lavender, sage leaves, sweet geranium
base: white woods, airy musk, grapefruit bark

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